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Appreciating all things relating to the USA Network TV series "WHITE COLLAR"

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Aug 11 '12


: Matt signing my autograph 

: and another! 

you lucky girl! :)

Jul 29 '12


Me and Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer! I got my picture with Tim right before he was going to dinner (obviously) and Matt when he was coming back from dinner. Matt was ever the Southern gentleman and told me to go find some shelter from the storm that was about to happen - and he was right! 

Now I shall go bask in Matt’s beauty. Just so you know, I’ll be obsessing over this for a while. ;)

Lucky girl :)

Apr 21 '12
Apr 21 '12


so, i visited the white collar set today. they were mostly filming interiors. actually that’s basically what they were filming from the time i got there at 10 am until the time i left at like 5:45. they filmed outside earlier, but i was not there (so i did not get to see marsha, who finished up at 9 am). when i got there, we basically just waited by the trailers all day because we knew we wouldn’t be seeing them film anything outside lol

anyway, i met sharif atkins (!!!!!!) finally :D he shook my hand, took a picture with me and signed my pictures. he’s so nice :’)

tim dekay also passed by and HE IS SO DAMN NICE. he was being all awesome and personalized the autographs for steph (mrscooperanderson) & i and called me kiddo and took three pictures with me because 1) the flash made the picture too bright in the first one and 2) he thought he had something on his face in the second one.

then we also saw peter hermann (mariska hargitay’s husband and recurring guest star on SVU) who was guest starring in the episode. we first saw him near tim and we heard him say “hey handsome” looool and then he appeared a short while later and laura went up to him and i wanted to tell him that i love his wife (but that would have been awkward lol). he’s a giant. like…our height difference is ridiculous. i’m 5 foot and he’s 6’5 xD

we also saw laura vandervoort when we first got there, but we never saw her after that.

while we didn’t get to see matt bomer (because he flew to LA last night for a long weekend), it was still an awesome day!

Aww fabulous!
Thanks for the set and meet pics!

Jun 20 '10
Tweeted by @MattNegrete
"One last photo before I head back to LA: Bomer’s got more young fans."

Tweeted by @MattNegrete

"One last photo before I head back to LA: Bomer’s got more young fans."

May 22 '10

WC fans on Twitter


are any of you on Twitter? :)

I’d love to add you and talk WC

I’m at @syzzlyn.. if you add me, pls tweet to say hi.